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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Medical medicaid medicare related claim form

Instructions and Help about Medical medicaid medicare related claim form

Hi there Bridgette Makai with the Law Offices of Bridgette Makai in Petaluma California I practice in the area of estate planning in elder law and today I want to talk about the three M's I'm talking Medicare Medicaid and medical so these terms are used a lot for seniors because they are the medical services that you receive once you reach age 65 but there is a ton of confusion around them and unfortunately the names are so close to each other that people often interchange them and use them alternately when they're very different programs I'm going to start with a few definitions to kind of clarify things for folks the first is what is Medicare is probably the most common government benefits that that seniors are able to take advantage of next to Social Security and what it is is it's the medical coverage for seniors over the age of 65 so it covers doctor visits it covers prescriptions it covers hospital stays and to a certain extent it will cover some long term care or some skilled nursing stay if you're rehabilitating from a surgery but it is the most common and you often get it when you're 65 that means you stop having to pay private health coverage premiums and it's the most common program out there it is very different from Medicaid so MDI see a ID Medicaid is a federal and state medical program for seniors that allows for payment if that person is aged and disabled and they qualify asset wise or financially for this service it's a form of welfare you apply for Medicaid at the wealth your local county welfare office and it will prfor the majority of the cost of a stay in a skilled nursing facility it also provides for in-home care if you qualify in home caregivers to come in if you have a long-term illness and in some states that will cover assisted living not in California the final M m dicale and that is California's version of Medicaid so again it's administered through the welfare department in your county so that's where you would apply that's you know the you would get assigned a social worker and those are where the services would derive from it is a different program in California as it's different in every other state in California the qualification requirements are different than any other state you're googling Medicaid and medical you're going to get some mixed information so my recommendation is if any of you need Medicaid or medical you should contact an experienced attorney who works in this area because the rules and regulations are very complicated and it is risky to go it alone that is the difference between Medicare Medicaid medical I might have confused you even more I don't know but always when push comes to shove and you need to get information don't google it give us a call Music.

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