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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Blue cross blue shield claim form california

Instructions and Help about Blue cross blue shield claim form california

Hi my name is Kim Crumpton I did Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance here at healthcare Express I like to explain to you today some of what you may be looking in on your ear means urgent care versus specific PCPD versus specialty if you can't look at the more everything we build for an office visit one of our offices it is 215 Blue Cross Blue Shield allows 107 40 Blue Cross Blue Shield disallows 107 seat seat that means right off the bat we have to write off this 107 60 what they're going to pay us is off this 107 40 your cup a is $35 on some policies not all each policy varies with your copay so it just depends on what your urgent care company is your copay is $35 Blue Cross Blue Shield is actually better pass that's actually what would cross blue shield is going to pass in 72 40-some between the 72 40 your $35 comeback this is how we get our amount of 107 40 now if you ever have a problem where you don't understand your domain or you feel like something was paid not paid it should have been paid you don't feel like it's your responsibility by all maintenance call up here and ask us we will be glad to get you and your insurance company on the phone at the same time that kept out a lot of the confusion some of if you were going to a regular doctor say at one of the other clinics here in town your copay might actually be just $25 but when you come here to an urgent care setting which is what we are you might pay a $50 copay or you might pay your specialty copay Urgent Care is just now coming on where they're getting their own benefits so if you're not if you don't have urgent care benefits you will have the higher copay as a specialty because that's what we fall under we deal 2 through 10 to the insurance knowing we're only going to get one over 740 but we have to build consistently across the board with all of our insurances therefore what one insurance we have a contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield's so they only paid 107 but another insurance Mach Idaho 215 dollars now what I'd like to explain to you is the BlueCross BlueShield federal plans deductible each plan changes something every year it might be minor it might be major and if you don't use that benefit you may never know that it changes but for Blue Cross barrel we call it once a year and find out what that deductible or changes have been if any towards these groups so blue across federal group 104 and 105 this year you have a three hundred and fifty dollar deductible after you've met or satisfied that three hundred fifty dollar deductible with urgent care your plan will pay.


How is it legal that can a Google employee with Blue Cross Blue Shield of California can see Doctor X, but a Covered California Blue Cross Blue Shield Obamacare customer cannot see the same Doctor X?
You ask the doctor if he accepts any of the Obamacare plans available in your state. Obamacare has been the law since 2022 so most insurance ARE Obamacare but now that the individual mandate has been repealed you can find lesser plans that are non-compliant. You cant force a doctor to accept any insurance. Some dont take Medicare or Medicaid and some take cash only.
How much does it cost for an ACL reconstruction surgery with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance? What are the total out of pocket costs or breakdown of the medical bill?
Insurance companies negotiate with hospitals and doctors, so actual costs are different all over the country and even within the same state. You need to get the billing company that works with your doctor and surgery center to get you an accurate number. The "bill" that is submitted for your operation will be 2-3 times the actual amount paid, so it is not a useful number. Your share of the bill is determined by your policy and is usually a per cent of the actual amount.
How can I join the class action law suit agains Blue Cross/Blue Shield taking place in Alabama? (Or do I even need to?)
Just Google it, the website address will pop up. Go to the website, fill out your name, address, phone number, upload any verification documents pertaining to the case, sign your name which says under penalty of perjury you agree that you are a valid claimant-bad boom, bada Bing. Now you wait any where from 6 months to 3 years to get an unknown amount of money that can range from pocket change to a decent sized tax returns amount of money Usually the check will just pop up right around the time you have forgotten about it and hopefully turn your day into a good one and your night into a long one. Then again, it could be less than the amount they charge you at Walmart to cash the worthless check, not even worth the paper it's printed on- letting you know the lawyers made out like bandits once again and the victims (plaintiffs) got the shaft. Sometimes it's worth the five minutes it takes to fill the form out, sometimes it is not. I compare it to a max bet spin on a slot machine that just keeps spinning due to a dropped wifi connection. Well if you just happen to be playing the slot through an app on your smart phone that is.. Anyways yeah that's it in a nut shell and partially out of the shell a bit too. Can I get an amen?
How can I enroll a Podiatrist into Blue Cross/Blue Shield's network when they tell me the network is currently closed to new providers?
Bcbs is a unfair joke of an insurance co. They get contracts with ( usually) one group practice, who then proceed to freeze out any competition or choice for that area. In Atlanta for example Village podiatry is your only choice of practice for the ENTIRE metro area ( except maybe Marrietta pod- if they still drop to their knees for the Village brass). Basically it closely parallels " crony" capitalism- a pathetic and devious way of conducting any form of business that benefits only the well "connected". Ironically, this happens in the smoky back rooms of supposedly moral men- men who in reality would stick a knife in your back for a nickel. I obviously sound bitter, but this is not the case I can assure you. I just enjoy exposing the moral bankruptcy of what, in some cases, could have been truly and rightfully decent men. For some of these dirt bags, as Jackson Browne would say, "love could have been a contender", but instead they chose the legal tender. At least the worst of the worst-Gatti- has mercifully retired. He shouldn't be able to sleep at night, and maybe he can't. Long before my run in ATL, he used to do hammer toes on bed ridden elderly people- and that's just a "off the top of my head" example of this one a kind greedy monster-like weasel. I could go on, but suffice it to say that not being a part of BCBS is certainly not something to fret about. It's better to keep your distance from the misguided and/or soulless greed freaks.
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