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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Blue cross blue shield claim form california

Instructions and Help about Blue cross blue shield claim form california

Hi my name is Kim Crumpton I did Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance here at healthcare Express I like to explain to you today some of what you may be looking in on your ear means urgent care versus specific PCPD versus specialty if you can't look at the more everything we build for an office visit one of our offices it is 215 Blue Cross Blue Shield allows 107 40 Blue Cross Blue Shield disallows 107 seat seat that means right off the bat we have to write off this 107 60 what they're going to pay us is off this 107 40 your cup a is $35 on some policies not all each policy varies with your copay so it just depends on what your urgent care company is your copay is $35 Blue Cross Blue Shield is actually better pass that's actually what would cross blue shield is going to pass in 72 40-some between the 72 40 your $35 comeback this is how we get our amount of 107 40 now if you ever have a problem where you don't understand your domain or you feel like something was paid not paid it should have been paid you don't feel like it's your responsibility by all maintenance call up here and ask us we will be glad to get you and your insurance company on the phone at the same time that kept out a lot of the confusion some of if you were going to a regular doctor say at one of the other clinics here in town your copay might actually be just $25 but when you come here to an urgent care setting which is what we are you might pay a $50 copay or you might pay your specialty copay Urgent Care is just now coming on where they're getting their own benefits so if you're not if you don't have urgent care benefits you will have the higher copay as a specialty because that's what we fall under we deal 2 through 10 to the insurance knowing we're only going to get one over 740 but we have to build consistently across the board with all of our insurances therefore what one insurance we have a contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield's so they only paid 107 but another insurance Mach Idaho 215 dollars now what I'd like to explain to you is the BlueCross BlueShield federal plans deductible each plan changes something every year it might be minor it might be major and if you don't use that benefit you may never know that it changes but for Blue Cross barrel we call it once a year and find out what that deductible or changes have been if any towards these groups so blue across federal group 104 and 105 this year you have a three hundred and fifty dollar deductible after you've met or satisfied that three hundred fifty dollar deductible with urgent care your plan will pay.

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