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  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Medicare authorization form

Instructions and Help about Medicare authorization form

If you're ever wondering what it's like to do an insurance prior authorization I'll give you an example the insert name of generic insurance company here this is a guy with a giant they're recording all of this yes yes hi Don I was needing to initiate a prior authorization his home address is okay great yeah I don't know I got this addressed a few days ago but it's possible okay they probably had to digest when I had my children haven't gotten even clinical yet so still on identification you imagine you had to do this for like 20 patients again I wonder if like health insurance companies hire like airline employees like the people you do customer service for Airlines like there's probably a ton of crossover is they're very well trained yeah yeah my phone number is seven eight five seven two seven four one three one seven two seven four one three one I am it depends on the hours but during regular hours yes William is my first name my last name is new ha all spelled in EU h Oh f as in Frank you go I believe he is scheduled on Monday yes I may not be okay family medicine I know how that is three four six main like the state with an e Street and zip code is six six zero four four that is correct seven eight five four zero nine six two nine two Ct of head without contrast yes I do it is icd-10 is in ninety five point two yes correct I'm doing it because he has a gross abnormality a deformity of his skull so I guess it would be suspected but I don't I couldn't say for high degree of probability but I would probably say suspected tumor or other I guess well it's not known I feel it with my hands but that's why I'm doing the CT scan I guess that would be the yeah correct I'm okay no he bespoke nuts cold like a bony yeah like a bony skull tumor I guess I do not yes Lawrence Memorial Hospital I can give the general hospital' I'm not sure which facility to give me just a second let's go with three to five Main Street the same street I'm on and say times if code six six zero four four okay I'm sorry regarding this request oh no no okay one eight hundred five five five five five five five five five website.com surely they won't be able to access that information so I guess the facts is something and then we'll go from there so we haven't actually done anything clinical yet so maybe we can get it done by Monday maybe we can't you you.

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