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What are the perks to having Aetna insurance as opposed to Blue Cross Blue Shield?
Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield are strong competitors in many different health insurance markets. If you are wondering if you should choose a BCBS health insurance plan or an Aetna health insurance plan then read on.Let’s compare Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna’s health insurance plans and their operations as a whole to see which one might be the best choice for your health insurance needs.One you have finished reading this Aetna BCBS comparison article then read the Aetna review article and the Blue Cross Blue Shield review article, consider leaving some reviews and ratings of your own, and then enter your zip to the right to start comparing free quotes from many other competing health insurance providers online.Aetna vs. BCBS Network SizeThe one major difference between Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield is that BCBS is not a nationwide company in the technical sense of the word. BCBS is comprised of dozens of smaller independent health insurance companies that pay a licensing fee to use the Blue Cross & Blue Shield trademark. For example, BCBS of FL could be totally different from BCBS of IL which is totally different from BCBS of TX and so on and so forth. Simply due to this business structure it is worth awarding the victory to Aetna in terms of network coverage because while there is certainly some reciprocal agreements in place between different BCBS licensees from state to state Aetna has the definite advantage with their nationwide network of Doctors and Hospitals.Aetna Health Plans vs. Blue Cross Health PlansOnce again, there are differences from one Blue Cross Blue Shield to another but for the most part both Aetna and Blue Cross have very strong health insurance plans for both individuals and groups. The reason that each of them rate so high is that neither of the companies are known to offer the limited benefit indemnity plans that while low cost do NOT offer true major medical coverage. In the Blue Cross health insurance plans vs. Aetna health insurance plans section of this showdown it’s a tossup.Overall Victory: Aetna or Blue Cross Blue Shield?While both BCBS and Aetna are strong companies with great brand names and dependable plans the victory goes to the Aetna health insurance company. With a true nationwide network and strong health plans across the board Aetna offers a combination of coverage and selection that is hard to beat by Blue Cross Blue Shield or anyone else for that matter.Of course, no one health insurance company is best for everyone as everyone’s individual situation is different so be sure to shop around and compare your options as you may just find that Blue Cross Blue Shield is better than Aetna for your particular situation (or another company all together).SOURCE:Aetna vs Blue Cross Blue Shield (The BCBS Aetna Showdown)
How do Kaiser and Blue Cross Blue Shield compare?
It's a little like comparing apple and oranges. At the highest level, Blue Cross is health insurance that representing a network of care providers while Kaiser is an integrated insurance and care delivery system - a one stop solution for all your health care.  Kaiser has hospitals, staff doctors, and support services that all work together and are electronically connected. Basically, Kaiser has all you need under one roof.
Under the Blue Cross Blue Shield associated companies, why are some companies Blue Cross, some Blue Shield and others Blue Cross Blue Shield?
Ismail, HCSC only owns BCBS of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Through lobbying efforts, they have maintained their non-profit status that gives them a significant advantage over competitors like Humana and United Healthcare that pay taxes like any other for profit corporation.Anthem, formerly known as Wellpoint, is the second-largest health insurer in the US and a BCBS licensee in 14 states that includes California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin.Even though HCSC and Anthem are completely separate entities, they have an agreement that allows their policyholders to utilize each other's BCBS networks for BCBS members needing medical care when traveling outside their home state.
How do I pay Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas?
I’m not sure if you are asking if you can afford it or just requesting me to tell you how to actually make your payments to Blue Cross Blue Sheild. Therfore, I will cover both of these issues.If you have insurance with BCBS through your employer the premiums are usually taken out of your weekly pay. However, if you are paying BCBS on your own you can usually just mail a monthly, quarterly, or annual premium in to their office. If you have a certain insurance agent, they should come by and pick up a check from you and give you the address for any other payments needed to keep your insurance in effect. If you do not have insurance from BCBS now, you can just call a local office near you and make an appointment with an agent to come over and write up a policy for you after discussing your options.Thank you for the question. I hope this helped.
How much does it cost for an ACL reconstruction surgery with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance? What are the total out of pocket costs or breakdown of the medical bill?
Insurance companies negotiate with hospitals and doctors, so actual costs are different all over the country and even within the same state. You need to get the billing company that works with your doctor and surgery center to get you an accurate number. The "bill" that is submitted for your operation will be 2-3 times the actual amount paid, so it is not a useful number. Your share of the bill is determined by your policy and is usually a per cent of the actual amount.
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