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Why do you have to have an address in the state you live in to get a PO Box and cannot get a PO Box if you have an out-of-state ID?
It is not a requirement that you live in the state where you rent a post office box. PO Box service is optional in most areas, which is why there is a fee to cover the cost of providing the service, as opposed to receiving free street delivery. I worked for several years at two post offices in resort cities. Many of our post office box customers live in other states and rent or own vacation properties in our area. While they are not in town, a temporary forwarding order closes the box for delivery and it is cancelled when they return.You may use an out of state ID to rent a PO Box if it is recognizable and valid. Actually, two forms of ID are required and one must have a photo. Acceptable forms of photo ID include: a current driver's license or state ID card, a military, government, university or recognized corporate ID, a passport, alien registration card or certificate of naturalization.You also need to prove your physical residence to rent a PO Box. That can be accomplished by providing a current lease, property mortgage or deed, utility bill, or a PO Box application which has been approved and postmarked by your home post office.
How can an FSSAI license be registered for a food truck when it is moving from place to place, and how should you fill out the address column when there is no particular address for the food truck?
Please Read this,Gulshan chauhan gave a wonderful answer for your questionGulshan ChauhanIs an FSSAI license required for opening a food truck?
How do you serve court papers to a person who has a PO box address? This person also owns an LLC which also has PO box address. The case is in CA.
How do you serve court papers to a person who has a PO box address? This person also owns an LLC which also has PO box address. The case is in CA.There are 3 ways that I know ofI CA even a PO box has to have an owners address for the purpose of billing. Contact that PO Box.For the LLC, go to one of these links and find the person for “service-of-process”.Business EntitiesCalifornia Department of Business OversightThen serve them via USPS snail mail using R/R/R aka Registered Return Receipt mail so you get that Green postcard back.Then make VERY VERY SURE you notify the court they were served.3. The other way is to contact the Sheriff’s Deputy (from that County): and have them do a “Service-Of-Process” SOP, I believe the fee is $40. But that fee varies by County. However, the catch is you have to pra correct address to the Deputies, not a PO Box.Example for Los Angeles County.Civil ProcessInformation Guide for SUMMONS AND COMPLAINTSInformation Guide for SUMMONS AND PETITIONInformation Guide for PLAINTIFF'S CLAIM AND ORDER TO DEFENDANT(you would most likely use this form) $404. Another way is to go on Craigslist (under the category of “Services offered”) in the town or county that you want. And hire a private service-of-process person that’s Bonded. Their fee should be reasonable and the same $40 price range. Make sure you check them out, and that they are reputable and bonded, otherwise you lost $40. These ‘private-services‡ might be better because the Deputies try 3 times, if they cannot make contact. They stop trying and you lost the $40.Either way, whoever and whenever the person you hired has completed the “S-O-P” make sure you notify the court and bring that proof along on the day of the trial. REPEAT bring that proof of “S-O-P” along on the day of the court trial.Once the Service is DONE and you have the proof. YOU NEED TO FOLLOW-UP BOTH with the Court and notify the court that “S-O-P” was done at the court clerk window.Good Luck!**If you like this answer or find it helpful please give me an upvote below - Thanks**
How do you send a letter addressed to a PO Box to the United Kingdom (from the United States)?
The address should look like this:PO Box 1234CityAB1 2CDUNITED KINGDOMMake sure you have enough postage on the letter, and there you go.The AB1 2CD part is the postcode. It's really really important that this is right.
How long does it take for your mail go to your new address from a PO box at the post office?
When you move to a new home, either temporarily or permanently, the United States Post Office will forward mail from your previous address to your new residence. This allows you to continue to receive mail after you've moved.According to the USPS website, it will begin forwarding mail as soon as it receives your request. However, USPS cannot offer an estimated time of arrival for forwarded mail because the amount of time it takes to kick in depends on route size and backlog.If you had lived in a city or large town and the post office is well staffed, the delivery can begin within a few days. If you live in a rural area or use a post office that is backed up, the process can take a couple weeks.Because of this, you should always change your address directly with banks, credit card companies, lenders and anyone else from whom you might receive important communication or bills.I hope this helps. If you should have further Postal questions please contact your local Post Office, or call 1–800-ASK-USPS.
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